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Home Package

Hertford Web Hosting 'Home Package' has everything you need to get your website online. For those of us who would like our own professional looking and sounding website, putting together our personal or even small business pages and photo gallery without those nasty looking flashing adverts and banners you find on the free hosts like myspace... and without the 'myspace' in the domain and email names! Quality and value are the order of the day and the Home Package includes everything you would expect from a first class web hosting account. The Home Package includes added value features such as our easy-to-use online control panel and local technical support should you run into problems.

From just £2.49 per month and no set-up fee, the Hertford Web Hosting 'Home Package' offers outstanding value for money, with real-time account activation and the ability to cancel anytime. All hosted on our secure high speed network. What do you have to lose?

Our Hertford Web Hosting 'Home Package' even comes prepared with Website Builder and over 500 web templates for those of you who have no experience in building websites. It's absolute simplicity and if at any time you'd like to upgrade to 'Website Builder Plus', you can add this to your package at a license charge of just under £15 per year.

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Business Pro

With more and more businesses getting online, it's easy to feel like you are being left behind in today's fast-moving economy. The disadvantages of not getting online are numerous, and your competitors are also thinking about their web presence.

With 4GB webspace, 40Gb bandwidth/traffic and 1 MySQL database, your web space will seem practically limitless and there's nothing stopping you adding other websites to your space, (unlike many other hosts who insist you buy another package), so long as you pay for the domain name. If you find that you need more email accounts or a bit more bandwidth, don't worry, we're very flexible and will extend services within reason, just send us an email or give us a call.

For just £4.99 per month, you'll find our package matches the biggest host in the country, 1&1... but for around half the cost! The Hertford Web Hosting 'Business Pro' is outstanding value for money and with real-time account activation and the ability to cancel anytime, all hosted on our secure high speed network, with every server having a backup server to boot... What do you have to lose?
Did we mention that several eCommerce software packages are pre-installed to give your online shop a headstart!

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Corporate Pro

Compare again, with 1&1. At only £7.99 per month, we offer the same package but at one third of the price!
20Gb webspace and 200Gb bandwidth/traffic, 2 MySQL databases capable of supporting numerous databases and no limit on their sizes, our 'Corporate Pro' could easily run and effortlessly cope with a Corporate online shop the size of Argos or Tesco.com!

If you need a content management system, eCommerce store with secure server access, the ability to store and run multiple video clips and films, host multiple websites or simply want that 'edge' over the 'Business Pro', this is the package for you.

Again, as with all of our packages, we're flexible and if you would like additional email accounts, some more bandwidth or a bit more webspace, all within reason, email or call us and we'll be happy to do it for you at no additional charge.

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