• Help when you need it, benefiting from our knowledge base.
  • We have a wealth of experience in the home shopping industry gained when the majority of the team worked with what was formally Kay's catalogue and now is known as Littlewoods Shop Direct.

    A committed and essential part of any existing or new web business

  1. Getting it right first time.
  2. Treated in a way that we would like to be treated ourselves.
  3. On time.
  4. At the right price.
  5. Discretion


  • Since 2002 the team has been growing, providing web design and fulfillment advice as well as playing a part in building system management both at the front and back end of ecommerce. Having played a big part in setting up ecommerce sites and hosting by request, the team developed their understanding of hosting methods decided to move into commercial hosting in February 2007.
    ShopCutter looked at the market and could see a big void in hosting that was cheap with a good backup, whilst also providing as many resources as possible as part of the package rather than charging extra for each service or product and so we developed -



    We try to maintain this policy throughout all our market leading packages where we can, and add-ons are only based on bandwidth or if we have to pay for the use of a particular software which we pay ourselves for on a each time used bases.

    ShopCutter UK

Listed at: www.web-hosting-top.com


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