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A little information that may help when choosing a domain name

Gone are the days when only a .com would do!
These days, a co.uk domain name at £2.99 per year is just as prestigious as any .com at £8.99 per year.
More so, it is actually preferable if your target audience is based in the UK as you automatically cut out 90% of the competition in the search engines from all the .com's.

As far as uk.com goes, ethically I wouldn't touch one with a bargepole! A company certainly jumped on the 'Get Rich Quick' waggon when they bought the rights to that one. It's way overpriced at £25 per year and is far less well recognised and respected as a co.uk domain at a humble £2.99 per year.

One major thing to take into account is that when somebody wishes to change hosts providers, especially if the host provider is also in posession of the domain name (not in ownership but has the domain within the same package), you wouldn't have any leverage if the host provider simply ignored your 'release my domain' transfer or charged you an 'Administration' fee, if your domain was anything but a co.uk domain.
The main registrars simply aren't interested where as Nominet, who are the main registrars for co.uk domains will act on your behalf if you encounter any problems. Nominet actually license host providers and sub-resistrars to see domain names and if one refuses to release your domain name, they ignore and email or phone call from Nominet, Nominet will not only remove that domain name and hand it back to you for a nominal fee, but the offending registrar or host will run the risk of having their license revoked completely!

I hope this information will help when you're deciding how you'd like your domain name to end!