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To Order your Domain Name & Web Hosting Package Now...

If you're sure you know exactly what you want, please click the 'Order Now' button again.
If you are unsure about anything however, please read below as there may be a few pointers to help you decide or confirm your decision.

Please consider the following:
1. Have you chosen or already have a domain name that reflects your business or service?
If you're geographically based, ie: in the UK and your target audience or customers are going to be primarily or solely UK based, you should really opt for a co.uk domain name. You can always select a .com also to cover yourself and your business and have that pointing to your co.uk website but by opting for a co.uk domain, you will immediately be cutting out the Global competition when people are searching for a business or service in the UK. Long gone are the fictitious days of prestige owning a .com domain. Now it makes simple marketing sense selecting a domain based on drawing the right visitors to the right site! It's also safer too. You have support with a co.uk domain should you ever lose your registration details or find a registrar won't release your domain name. With .com and uk.com, you have no support what so ever and we strongly suggest nobody registers uk.com domains.

2. If you haven't chosen a domain name yet, try to think of a name that's reflective of your business or service and that's not over-long.
Five or more years ago, people used keywords separated by hyphens, ie: web-designers-in-hertford.co.uk and search engines like Google DID pick up on these... But no longer! Just choose something that's relevant like your business or company name.

3. Selecting a hosting package. We've tried to keep it as simple as possible.

a. If you're a self-employed sole trader and want a simple, small but stylish website with email and webmail addresses ending in your domain name, a site without the frills, the 'Home Package' would be perfect for you. Nothing looks worse than a nice looking Company van with glossy sign writting along the sides and back, ending with Email: Plumbers102@hotmail.com !

b. If you're a small, medium or large business, company or even corporate, the 'Business Pro' will probably meet your needs with a MySQL database already installed and a large number of emails and webmails at your disposal, there's enough webspace and bandwidth there to suit even a corporate e-commerce shopping site.
Remember, we can always increase the number of emails/webmails and both webspace and bandwidth within reason for no additional cost or charges.

c. If you really want to push the boat out and for only a few Pounds more per month, the 'Corporate Pro' package will really fit the bill.
It's large enough and powerful enough to meet the requirements of huge corporate online shopping sites like Argos and Tesco.com - With multiple MySQL databases, 500 emails/webmails and more than enough webspace and bandwidth to meet the most demanding usage, we offer an amazing price for an amazing product and service at only £7.99 per month inclusive!
There's even E-Commerece software, CRM software (Sugar) and CRM software at your disposal.